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McGill University
CLAS 203
Margaret Palczynski

CLAS203 Lecture 25 Notes Heracles:  Alcaeus, Electryon and Sthenelus are the three brothers, son of Perseus and Andromeda  Electryon is the king of Mycenae  Sthenelus is the king of Tiryns  Amphitryon and Alcmena married on the condition that he took revenge on the people who raided Electryon’s cattle. They also go in exile to Thebes because Amphitryon accidentally kill Electryon  Alcmena and Zeus has Heracles while Alcmena and Amphitryon has Iphicles  Iphicles and Heracles are twins who liked each other  Heracles killed his music teacher, and was sent to complete 12 labours for Euristius while in exile to be purified The Labours of Heracles:  Type of deeds o ‘athlos/athlon’ (‘athloi’)  ‘labours’ o ‘parergon’ (‘parerga’)  ‘side-deeds’ o ‘praxis’ (‘praxeis’)  ‘military exploit’  Local labours o Nemean Lion (child of Typheus) (Nemea): club, lionskin o Lernaean Hydra (Lerna): Iolaus; poison o Ceryneian Deer (Ceryneia): Artemis o Erymanthian Boar (Mt. Erymanthus)  Parergon: Pholus, Chiron o Augean Stables (Elis): Augeas  Founding of Olympic Games o Stymphalian Birds (Stymphalis)  Labours outside of Greece o Cretan Bull (Crete): Minos, Pasiphae  Daedalus, Icarus; Marathon, Theseus o Horses of Diomedes (Thrace): Abderus (friend of Heracles, dies by the horses)  Parergon: Alcestis, Admetus, Pherae o Girdle of Hippolyta (Amazons): far east  Pare
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