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Lecture 1

EAPR 250 Lecture 1: CEAP250 Grammar and Punctuation Test

4 Pages
Fall 2015

Comm-Engl for Acad Purp (SCS)
Course Code
CEAP 250
Noreen Bider

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o !"#$%&$
o &$%('"')"('
o &,&%/ 
o1%&,%$)2'/$3'4$5'3 
o )$7&
o 7%
o +2::27;.
o The Trouble with Beauty +2.
o!%,+2.='+.= '+>.=
o &@A#''@&&#$
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CEAP250 Grammar and Punctuation Test Punctuation Semicolons: - conjunctive adverbs and independent clauses o eg. It is raining outside; take your umbrella with you. - separate items in a series, items contain commas o eg. This year we visited London, England; Paris, France; and Lisbon, Portugal. Colons: - separate independent clauses that define the independent clause (restatement of the left on the right) o eg. She as one goal in life: she wants to climb Mount Everest. - long lists, quotations, title and subtitles, salutations o Exams will be on the following days: Feb 15, May 4, January 7, April 4. Hyphens: - Fractions, compound numbers o Eg. Forty-three - Before modifying noun o Eg. Sugar-loving town - Prefixes on proper nouns or for ex, self, and all Parentheses: - Enclose birth/death years o Eg. (1991-2006) - Enclose publication dates o Eg. The Trouble with Beauty (2001) - Numbers that list a series o IT will fail because (1)…, (2)…., (3)… Dashes (two hyphens): - Appositives or parenthetical expressions that contain internal comas for strong emphasis o Eg. Three students – Rick, Ann, and Pete – have discovered the key to success. Apostrophes - Possession or ownership - Forming plurals Italics - Titles, names, foreign words, Latin names, emphasis Grammar Coordination: - Use a comma before a coordinating conjunction that joins two independent clause - FANBOYS: For, And, Nor, But, Or Yet, So Series: - Use commas to separate items in a list Coordination Adjectives: - A comma between equal adjectives that modify the same noun o Eg. He wrote a long, passionate letter o If adjective is not coordinate, do not use a comma Introductory Elements: - Use a comma after a grammatical structure at the beginning of a sentence - Anything before an independent clause, use a comma! o Eg. After the show, we went back to my place for dinner. Restrictive (essential) and non-restrictive (non-essential) clauses: - Commas to set off non-restrictive o Eg. Dr. Maria, who works as hard as any male doctor, should be remunerated equally. - Do not use commas to set off restrictive o Eg. A woman who works as hard as a man should be remunerated equally. Appositives: - Use a comma o George Bush, the president of USA, is a neoconservative. Use of Commas: - Interruption and Parenthetical Expressions o Eg. The result, as you no doubt know, have brought relief. - Direct Address o Eg. Mom, can I borrow that? - Tag Questions o Eg. Its raining out, isn’t it? - Negative Contrast o Eg. The examiner, not the registrar, awards grades. - Absolute Construction o Eg. Eyes raised heavenward, the young man began to pray. Sentence Combining - Do not put the verb last - Do not end in a dependent + verb claim - Put independent clause in the middle - Participial and adje
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