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Communication Studies
COMS 200
Alexandra Gibb

READING NOTES Lecture notes to follow COMS 200Chapter 24 Mass Media and the Star SystemJib Fowles18701920 Americans fascinated with entertainersMajor social change cities o UrbanizationPeople moving to large cities were mainly either smalltown farmraised Americans or migrants from Europe and elsewhereImmigration peaked in 1914 1218000 new citizensBig citiesmore employment o Increasing mechanization of farmingGreat Plainsless labour required to feed the nation efficiently o Best employment opportunities were in the new urban factories foundries plants and mills o America transformed from selfsufficient small farmers to urbanized wage earners o More wealthWages rose average hours of weekly work in manufacturing industries droppedDevelopment of leisure activities libraries city parksentrepreneursBaseball brought to urban centressalaried players formation of interurban leaguesRural areasstrong social emphasis on conventionality fellow feeling cohesionCitiesgreater extent of impersonality and normalnessUrbanites stripped of supporting prescriptions religion and community pressureStandards gone People were on their ownIndividualismManifestation of anxiety and mental distress
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