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McGill University
Communication Studies
COMS 362
Christopher Gutierrez

the static is like the sound of's like the sound of thought itself, its hum and rush...the first stretches are angry, plaintive, sad_ and always mute. It's not until, hunched over the potentiometer among fraying cords and soldered wires, his controlled breathing an extension of frequency [..] ...the clicks dissipate into a thin, pervasive noise, like dust. [..] radio waves also come from the stars. [...] listening to a natural voice and transcribing it. The clicks peter out, and serge glances at the clock: it's half minute before one. A few seconds eiffel tower radio broadcast. the voice of authority comes into your home. organizing time and space for you. the deeper this voice is involved within his own privacy, the more it appears to pour out of the cells of his most intimate life; the more he gets the impression that his own cupboard, his own phonograph, his own bedroom speaks to him in a personal way, devoid o the intermediary stages of the printed word; the more perfectly he is willing to accept wholesale whatever he hears (Adorno) radio- physiognomy: study radio's face and figure out what is behind it. A physiognomist tries to establish typical features and expressions of the face not for their own sake but in order to use them as hints for hidden processes behind him. trying to figure out people's intentions, what's behind them and what they will do. based on Duchaine's emotionality and faces's experiment. would use cadavers and shocked people using the muscles to try to recreate an expression. the medium matters. talk about Tokyo => communication network in an immaterial city. its population is extremely fluid and capricious. It has no tradition of architectural culture, its infrastructure is quite haphazard and its local communities- recently even the family unit- have begun to manages to function, it seems, by mea
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