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Economics (Arts)
ECON 208
Wendy Dickinson

Legal Anthropology 1102012 92900 AM What legal anthropology isntKushing o Did field work with Zunis Bronislaw Malinowski o Established rigorous approach to ethnography o In New GuineaWas sent there without any experience or guidance for field work o Long term approach to study of society Legal AnthropologySelfexamination of our own societyIsnt just throwing oneself into a foreign savage societyStudy institution Paper nd Look at Bruno Latour if you want to do 2 assignment Natural Law vs Anthropology 1102012 92900 AM Legal AnthropologyStarted out looking at colonial societiesToday o Nature of field work has changedSubject and methods o Concerned with law broadly defined o We look at legal institutions themselves o There is advocacy for people using ethnographies by anthropologistsLooks at how process of advocacy itself can be vexedLooks at how human rights institutions play out in local settings o Development is very front and center EthnographiesWide ranging corresponding to complexities of todays worldPostcommunism postcold war Natural LawBehind development of western legal traditionsInvolves idea that foundations of social order are based on abstract principles o You can arrive at them through rigorous thoughtIf you want to look at the foundations of a legal order you have to think about inherent qualities of systems of lawsWe have order because we are humans and it is the nature of humans to develop order o Nature is divinely ordainHugo Grotius o Saw that results of warfare had nothing to do with natural order o Warfare is marked by irrational people rushing into conflict o Developed natural law based upon reasonGot into a lot of trouble for this o Said that there are some laws of nature that even God cannot fuck withPaid for this pretty heavilyJohn Rawls o Made principle that out of rational principles of a diverse set of people with their own interests willing to negotiate a regime of law you can come up with a legal system that works for everyoneHuman rights tradition combines theological principles and natural law traditions Anthropology Is suspicious of universals and of state powerMelville Herskovits o Emphasizes that a universal bill of human rights must take into account that every human is an individual belonging to some community o No one can be an individual if they dont have a community to which they belongClifford Geertz o Advocated idea that local knowledge is the most important thing anthropologists can investigate through ethnographic method o Investigated concept of culture in great detail o Law is local knowledgeMark Goodale o Recent advocate of ethnography of human rights o Explicitly critiques natural law tradition Legal AnthropologyGoes beyond definition of local knowledge by GeertzLocal knowledge includes formal traditionThere are legal traditions that happen within legal traditions Legal PluralismContemporary legal anthropology focuses a lot on a variety of ways that legal traditions are multiple and overlappingIt is not simply the case that state laws determine the ways people behave o State laws are often compromised by grass roots and local traditionsThere is natural tendency for people to seek local sovereignty o Refugee laws immigrant community laws
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