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Paul Dickinson

CHAPTER 21THE SIMPLEST SHORTRUN MACRO MODEL211 DESIRED AGGREGATE EXPENDITURE Desired expenditure refers to what people desire to spend out of the resources that they actually have Desired aggregate expenditure AEthe sum of desired or planned spending on domestic output by households firms governments and foreigners Desired expenditure need not equal actual expenditure firms may unintentionally invest in inventory accumulation if sales are low and unsold goods pile upNational income accounts measure actual expenditures in each of the four expenditure categories National income theory deals with desired expenditures in each of these four categories Autonomous versus induced expenditure Autonomous expenditure elements of expenditure that do not change systematically with national income Induced expenditure any component of expenditure that is systematically related to national income Important simplifications Closed economy an economy that has no foreign trade in goods services or assetsAlso assume there is no government and that price level is constant Desired Consumption Expenditure With no government disposable income Y is equal to national income Y DSavingall disposable income that is not spent on consumption By definition there are only two possible uses of disposable incomeconsumption and saving When the household decides how much to put to one use it has automatically decided how much to put to the other use Consumption Function Consumption functionthe relationship between desired consumption expenditure and all the variables that determine it in the simplest case the relationship between desired consumption expenditure ad disposable incomeKey factors influencing desired consumption are assumed to beDisposable incomeWealthInterest ratesExpectations about the future
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