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Lecture 10

ECON 330D1 Lecture 10: Lecture 10

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Economics (Arts)
ECON 330D1
Jagdish Handa

Zc m foreign p ces, rie need to connect it to comes ic prices to odd t In eau librium Condition here everything domestic prices So fore an onces Foreign currency Then d vided by exchange rate omes Currency the Cirde by P Ho Find reol value, denon noted at mestic prices like So the cou cond tion s: Oct Determinants o Aggregoie Demand open Economy Mon concept STnior IS curus is derived the san e but rih nx os open economy ny-export -import Domestic prices domestic CAD and currency expressed foreign currency with exchange tone Price in foreign country m tore en cut ency pr in poct on M X autonomous 3rori sens expor of ye to charge n Con be o funcion of something else, e fore gner s' y TE pr our currency become more expensive nego ve tela ionship Dsposable con e positve relations p as :s ,then demo
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