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Lecture 13

ECON 337 Lecture 13

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Economics (Arts)
ECON 337
Kenneth Mac Kenzie

Daniel 40 Resishals -Af-ash le k 3-D (infin ei: Yi-Yi 燈 :Yi-baabMi-hyzi are ChawaettAste re vesidwods is tutte Always add uptoO vesiduals se that they frere, Hendexytained wssaHon e-us ene model ante explained va e, is ca uedme pat H Yi at is net exy aiuduy he v 3" ession on Ki and Yi .ulat if we end a Hew va-table tattups.xftainry art He better . e; rs apha al called he vaut t_p Yi Net-tuepeatHx ad effect of he at-ar PvLdietw vowiabies has been nemoved s as Auows i)Rea)vess y on au puaUw wu abies except K" Find tune(duals li)Ryves s x; an all 어u» pvedictov VAs iabus Fiva tuce ves,duals visiduals Examp(e: Fe~ the data Shewn t And tu par Hat cov veattanuePrcient No. La Aar "the Apeed of x, 3) Regwis turesidualSou m剔38,37 s-2 28125 (uing cateulam) -6. 53125 130 th-qb875 13-03125 -+-FFF裃그"Hg7r 1338 (L5 | ii) Reives s xL 에, x, a d Avdhe vesiduals : 7 640615-1.[ 5:b/7151s -1-H 7(87 5 G M$ 4535 en In th-A rgo. 나Tua Daniel 40 Resishals - Af - ash le k 3 - D ( infin ei : Yi - Yi 燈 : Yi - baabMi - hyzi are ChawaettAste re vesidwods is tutte Always add uptoO v
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