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Lecture 13

ECON 337 Lecture 13

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Economics (Arts)
ECON 337
Kenneth Mac Kenzie

Daniel Coh ECON 33 last hme: Residuals when Y is ragressed on X, a the ves duals Y and regressed on the che r re dicte van Asi es have residual ound get tue cse. Apicia ent of Ki In tredu the Aiviine Date Box and Jenkeins. Sp "You can see wiat the d fewenee batu een fue Feak and he of bast At... ned ltoundung Seai .wal Time Se- es win 1noti atv Va rabies data data in GI Define data be b Note that a qu 94 betu. be the inverse he mam impossible. dr p 94 For Not a tua als And tre SSE and Nest SSE tha tuus data
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