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Economics (Arts)
ECON 423
William Watson

Feenstra and Taylor: International Trade Chapter 1: Trade in the Global Economy Icelandic volcano disemploys Kenyan flower workers: How many degrees of separation these days? “Nations trade goods for many reasons...” Do nations trade goods? Is the trade balance truly immaterial? (Why might we think it is?) If a country runs a trade surplus, where does the extra money go? If value-added statistics are really what we need, are the official trade statistics useful? (Check the WTO’s new value-added trade statistics.) If the U.S. were a confederation of 50 countries instead of a union of 50 states, how would U.S. international trade compare with European? What effect would Quebec separation have on Canada and Quebec’s trade data? Why does Asia trade so much? Can low wages explain why Asia trades so much with Asia? If Japan had natural resources, would it trade as much as it does? How can a country’s exports exceed its GDP? Check Table 1-2: Which countries’ tr
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