ECON 426 Lecture Notes - Literature Review

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Document Summary

Title: universal child care, maternal labor supply, and family well being. Keywords: universal child care, labor supply, labor force participation. In the area of child development, they also cite studies that delve into behavioral outcomes of time away from mothers and the cognitive impact of child care, such as by nichd-eccrn (2003, 2004) and supported by other publications. Frontier: policy-making in the area of labor force participation, labor supply of mothers intertwined with child and family development. Data: this article utilizes data from the national longitudinal survey of children and. Youth (nlscy), followed longitudinally throughout five waves of which the survey was conducted. Data for children aged 0-4 were primarily used, but data for children aged 8- 11 were utilized to check for robustness, with attention to married (or cohabiting) women and their children. More detailed hypotheses/facts/results/comments: these reports could possibly be artifacts, reporting issues that were already present but not previously reported.