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Class 19

Elementary Education
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Paul Zanazanian

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Class 19: Canada at the Turn of the 20th Century: Politics and Society
Canada: 1890s-1920s
o Wilfred Laurier (1841-1919)
Canada’s 7th prime minister (1896-1911)
won 4 consecutive elections
radical, but eventually became less radical
wanted to promote free trade with the states
wants to promote transcontinental railroad
wanted to increase immigration
very concerned with Canadian unity
wanted compromise
language rights
provincial rights
The Manitoba School Act (1890)
passed before he became prime minister
1870 Manitoba created there were a lot of French
speakers back then
rights of French speaking Catholics protected by this act
lots of immigrants (English speaking)
1890, Manitoba school act passed which ends publicly ended
catholic schools & abolished French as an official language
causes a lot of drama
Henri Bourassa & others wanted to promote bilingual
2 questions raised: can provincial governments rewrite their
constitution and write their own laws or should the federal
government intervene and protect the rights of citizens?
Charles Tupper wanted federal government to step in &
protect rights
Laurier wanted to offer a compromise no public funding
for French Catholic schools, but students would get half an
hour of religious instruction & if there are enough French
students in an area, they should have the right to French
the Boer War (1899-1902)
South Africa was a state at this time
first people to discover/settle this land were Dutch
had grievances with British rule & got into a war with them
first time concentration camps used
Canada not going to send regular troops to help fight for the
crown in South Africa, but if there are volunteers we will
send them & once they are there, they are under British rule
and your responsible
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