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EDEE 280 Lecture Notes - Robert Bourassa, Robin Spry, Pierre Trudeau

Elementary Education
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EDEE 280
Paul Zanazanian

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Class 22: Quebec Nationalists Take Action: The October Crisis, the Parti Quebecois,
and Bill 101
background context
o defining nationalism
the nation central concern of political loyalty and the only goal
deserving pursuit
based on set of beliefs about nation & its perceived character
a territorial relation of collective self-consciousness of actual or
imagined duration
a community of kinship, specifically a bounded, territorially
extensive, temporally deep community of nativity
o assessing Quebec nationalism (1970s)
some causes
started with the quiet revolution
theories put forth by political scientists & have economic
o the quiet revolution had initiated changes that would
improve the socioeconomic conditions of French
conditions that would let them take control of the
economy many believe the quiet revolution didn’t
deliver on this
o rather, quiet revolution did deliver on economic
promises on advancements for French Canadians and
the divide between French & English narrowed
o radical theory imperial powers wanted to separate
so said that Quebec was colonized by English
Canadians & they were relegated to the level of
working class; they had to fight & liberate themselves
from nationalism & English domination; had to free
the state of its colonial bonds
o at start of Quiet Revolution, Pearson realized trouble
was brewing in Quebec
o Francophones outside Quebec @ great risk for being
assimilated previously more closed, & stayed
within own group; maintained their vitality through a
high birth rate
o aging population
o changes in urbanization, increased immigration lead
to greater cultural diversity
historical narratives
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