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Lecture 7

RELG 202 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Sennacherib

Religious Studies
Course Code
RELG 202
Gerbern Oegema

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Lecture 7 2/4/2013 7:16:00 AM
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These texts still function thousands of years later… we can still
relate to the stories and the characters! The moral and the
likeability of the characters is huge
The text wants to promote certain values and it does so through
real people
Our own cultural religious background uses this text so we
inherently relate… it reproduces our own values…transmits
education from one generation to the next
The bible is full of real live events that we can use as examples of
how to act in a similar situation
o A legal aspect too! (in addition to moral, educational, values
and traditional sense)
Biblical scholars use logic thinking to come to the same conclusions
that we have based on text analysis
List of kings page 35 coursepack… texts show emphasis on kings
Dutamystic history and theoglogy sayd that we sinned and thus
were punished
Why did this religion survive and others didn’t? Because god elected
Israel!! Yes family and tradition and community played a role, but
God is behind history
Use statistics and trends to try and find a direction into the future,
and it the past it was the prophets looking into what God told them
People of Israel have BROKEN the treaty of the laws of Moses
(dutamystic ways are Moses’s laws)
The destruction of the northern and southern kingdoms was
because of the interference of God…. According to the dutamystic
history and theology God intervenes to teach a lesson… and if the
lesson is understood God lets the armies withdraw, if not they
In the exilic area it is also God who takes pity and allows Israel to
Land of Israel is also important because it is the law of God’s
covenant and treaty that they would live there
Sennacherib (in 2 kings)
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