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Lecture 9

RELG 253 Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: Wu Wei, Funeral Director, Sage Gateshead

Religious Studies
Course Code
RELG 253
Victor Soヘgen Hori

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Lecture 9, Jan 26th
The Dao/Tao in Zhuangzi
The many names of the Dao
oThe way, the great Way
oThe Great Clod
oHeaven and Earth
oThe Creator
More than one voices
oDao in immortality practice
oThe mystical Dao
oThe survivor’s Dao
The Dao in immortality practice
“You are old in years and yet your complexion is that of a child.
Why is this?”
“I have heard the Way!”
Long life and immortality practices
Seekers after Peng-lai (set of isles in the oceans, or set of
mountains in the interior) and the elixir of immortality
oBelief and ppl did expedition to 3nd him.
External alchemists
oThought that they can archive immortality from a plant,
recopies, drinks.
Internal alchemists (diet, meditations, physical exercises,
sexual practices)
o“immortal, sage, true person
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