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Lecture 12

RELG 253 Lecture Notes - Lecture 12: Parinirvana, Bodh Gaya, Age Of Enlightenment

Religious Studies
Course Code
RELG 253
Victor S?gen Hori

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Introduction to Buddhism
The Life of the Buddha
Siddaharta Gautama
Not much info on him
The Buddha = Awakened one
Sakyamuni = Sage of the Sakyas / The Silent one of the Sakya
Sakyas tribe
Northern India and Nepal
563-483 BCE
The birth
Dream of the white elephant
Queen Maya (his mother)
She had a dream in which she was visited by a white elephant
It moved around her bed 3 times, and then with his trunk touched her 3
times and she became pregnant
The buddha was born from the right side of his mother
At her own home, not her husband's
She passed the flower garden of Lumbini on her way, she stopped and raised
her right hand to touch a flower --> then the buddha was born
Sage said the Buddha would be a world leader
32 cakravartin (signs of a religious world leader)
Physical description
Long earlobes
Hair curls to the right
Topknot (usnisa)
Forehead mark (urna)
Long white tongue that could touch his forehead
Saliva that made all food delicious
His father was worried
Wanted his son to become a military leader
Built him 3 palaces
Pampered prince
The Enlightenment
Bodh Gaya
As a teenager, he left the palace once
Saw the real world
Four sights
A sick man
An old man
A dead man
A sramana monk
Withdrawn from society to devote his time to religious practice
Live in volunteered pain
First time he came in touch with this 4 things
Then he decided he wanted to become a sramana monk
At that time, he's newly married and had a baby
Decides to leave home
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