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Lecture 20

RELG 253 Lecture Notes - Lecture 20: Won Buddhism, Korean War, Atheism

Religious Studies
Course Code
RELG 253
Victor S?gen Hori

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Religion and Modernity in Korea
Modern Religion
Late 1800
New word, because there was nothing that was equal as religion in Western languages
Jong gyo
Modern vs traditional
Sectarian congregation –– Professionals only (monks and nuns)
Defined by theological beliefs –– Not a matter of beliefs, but of practice
Personal choice –– Not a personal choice
Exclusive affiliation –– Inclusive
Freedom of religion –– No freedom
South Korea
Atheism is decreasing (46%)
29% Christians
22% Buddhists
Shamanism has a strong presence too
Historical Evolution
End of Choson period
Persecution of Christians
Korea colony of Japan
Protestant Christianity
Rise of the common people
Buddhism revives
Japanese sects
Post war
Economic and national recovery
1950-53 Korean war
Past 1953, growth of democracy
Growth of Christianity
Revival of Buddhism
Growth of New Religions
Won buddhism
Problems with Christianity
Forbidding idol worshipping
Ancestor rituals are therefore forbidden
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