RELG 271 Lecture 1

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Sexual Ethics: Lecture 1
Morality: A system that affects all of us.
oA system of principles that define what is right and what is wrong for
individuals but also for groups of people.
Ethics: The critical questions we ask about right and wrong.
oWhy is this right? Why is this wrong?
oA reflection of moral behavior and ideas.
oInflection on human interaction.
oThe values we put in place and consider important.
oOpenly Studied
oAdvertised Publicly: TV Shows, Comedy, Music Videos.
oWe live in a hyper sexualized culture.
oWe are becoming pornographic.
Sexual experience is generally considered inappropriate.
We define the nude body as a sex object.
We use bodies to sell products.
We feel uncomfortable talking about childrens sexuality.
Contradictory Climate that we live in:
Brief History:
oAncient origins: Hippocrates and Gallen
Hippocrates: Women who are sexually active are hysterical.
Gallen: Reinforced Hippocrates idea by saying that there is
passive and aggressive sexuality.
oEmergence of anatomical studies and modern medicine 16th-18th century.:
Opening the human body after death was considered a sin at the
The beginnings of a modern scientific understanding of human
oContinence: Virtuous desire.
oNatural Law: God made the world to make sense. We can establish laws
based on our observations.
oGod has made sex for procreation.
18th century brings the medicalization of sexuality:
oEmergence of Sexual Therapists
oSexual Statistics:
Birth Inquiry
Documents about sexual disorders
Sexual violence
How many diseases
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