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Sex and Gender
Tuesday February 11, 2014
Lecture 13
An introduction to Buddhism
Buddha= The Awakened One
The Buddha is a title that is given to a sacred person- not a personal name
Anyone can become a Buddha- the goal of the Buddhist path- to become one
oneself- not to worship an individual
Siddharta Gautama- Price of the Shakya clan, also known as “Shakyamumi”
and “The Sage of the Shakyas”
Circa 560-480 BCE
Say he lived to be about 80
Born as a prince
Four sights (old age, sickness, death, renunciation)
Prophecy- if he was not confronted with the suffering of the world he would
become a king
Mother died when he was a week old- his father kept him isolated from suffering-
Buddha never had to deal with hardships- given a luxurious life
Got married and had a child- in between these 2 things he managed to get out of
the palace life to see things that transformed him ^^ seeing an old person, a sick
person, a corpse and
Buddha became aware that he and the people he cared about would get old, sick
and die
Renunciation, flight from the palace  the night of his child’s birth- seen as
someone who made a huge sacrifice supposed to be the a wonderful event that
happens in your life (birth of a child) it is seen as a sacrifice because people
would not want to give that up
Ascetic practiceŁ practicing all kinds of posterities- different types of meditation –
to remove his ties to his worldly lifeGot very extreme in these practices
He pushed himself so hard to try and control his mind that he was unable to
concentrate on anything
He had a moment of insight into the middle path
The Middle Path- the path of the prince and the path of an ascetic (denying
himself everything- food, sleep, interaction) On his journey into the middle path
he accepted a meal from a women- he then felt a feeling of well being and he
realized he had made the right choice choosing the middle path
He sat under a tree and said he wouldn’t leave until he understood everything-
After achieving Awakening he embarked on a teaching career- taught till he was
80 years old- taught on a need to know basis
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