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Elementary Education
EDEE 260
Paul Kettner

Weekly Schedule Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Morning Morning Morning Morning Morning Message Message Message Message Message Recess Recess Recess Recess Recess Silent Silent Silent Silent Silent Reading Reading Reading Reading Reading Daily 5 Writing Daily 5 Writing Daily 5 Workshop Workshop Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Silent Silent Silent Silent Silent Reading Reading Reading Reading Reading Weekly Library Guided Reading At-Home At-Home Goodbye Reading Reading Message Program Program (Story in a (Story in a bag) bag) Each day starts will start off with a morning message, welcoming the class back from the weekend or simply saying good morning throughout the week. The class will briefly discuss their evenings with the class or weekend plans, they will check the current weather and take attendance. They will then write a morning message together, and write out the day’s schedule to allow students to see how their day will develop. From here, students will then transition into a lesson that is not specific to English LanguageArts (this may include math, science, ethics, etc.).After this lesson, students will go for recess. When students return, they will immediately start silent reading for approximately 10-15 minutes, allowing for the teacher to organize and set up anything needed for the lesson and will also have students settle into the clas
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