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EDEE 280
Paul Zanazanian

Class 10: Change of Empire: The Conquest and its Aftermath Leading to the Conquest  The Seven Year’s War (1754/56-1763) o all about territory, hegemony & fight for land o England had stronger navy even though French had more people o The Treaty of Paris (1763) th  The Battle of the Plains of Abraham (September 14 , 1759) o Montcalme vs. Wolfe o 13 500 men, best 9 000 British soldiers o 4 000 British troops sneaked in boats, climbed the cliffs and at daylight they were at the gates of Quebec City o William Pitt  best way to beast the French was to fight them in NA o General Wolfe = “madman”; nothing scared him except failure (not even death) o French could have won if they let English fight & fight and exhaust themselves Aftermath: British Presence in Quebec  reflects England’s attitudes to maintain their holdings  Royal Proclamation of 1763 o territorial & administrative structure (wanted to assimilate people) o The Test Act (1673) o Gov. Murray established relationship with catholic church & controlled people through the church  The Quebec Act of 1774 o The Oath of Loyalty  loyalty to the crown o concessions made o more land o church allowed to collect tithe o test act abolished
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