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Class 19

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Elementary Education
EDEE 280
Paul Zanazanian

thClass 19 Canada at the Turn of the 20 Century Politics and Society Canada 1890s1920s o Wilfred Laurier 18411919 th Canadas 7 prime minister 18961911won 4 consecutive electionsradical but eventually became less radicalwanted to promote free trade with the stateswants to promote transcontinental railroadwanted to increase immigrationvery concerned with Canadian unity wanted compromiselanguage rightsprovincial rightsThe Manitoba School Act 1890passed before he became prime minister1870 Manitoba createdthere were a lot of French speakers back thenrights of French speaking Catholics protected by this actlots of immigrants English speaking 1890 Manitoba school act passed which ends publicly ended catholic schoolsabolished French as an official languagecauses a lot of drama Henri Bourassaothers wanted to promote bilingual Canada 2 questions raised can provincial governments rewrite their constitution and write their own laws or should the federal government intervene and protect the rights of citizensCharles Tupper wanted federal government to step inprotect rightsLaurier wanted to offer a compromiseno public funding for French Catholic schools but students would get half an hour of religious instructionif there are enough French students in an area they should have the right to French instruction the Boer War 18991902South Africa was a state at this timefirst people to discoversettle this land were Dutch had grievances with British rulegot into a war with themfirst time concentration camps usedCanada not going to send regular troops to help fight for the crown in South Africa but if there are volunteers we will send themonce they are there they are under British rule and your responsible
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