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EDEE 280
Paul Zanazanian

EDEE 280 – Geography, History and Citizenship Education – Paul Zanazanian Winter 2013 Class 20: Quebec’s Dark Years: Maurice Duplessis and his Dark Era  background context: Canada in the 1930s-1940s o the Great Depression (1929)  causes  stock market crash  uncontrolled capitalism laissez faire economy  government came with social programs to help  possible solutions  state should play a role & intervene o state should invest o state should lower taxes o state should  consequences  imports dropped by 55%  incomes dropped 50%  exports dropped  out of 10 million Canadians, 2 million living on relief hand outs  ¼ Canadians unemployed  government realized they needed to be more active in the economy  government investment didn’t end the great depression, WWII did  created industry for goods & services needed for war o World War II (1939-1945)  cause: fascism  form of nationalism pushed to an extreme; totalitarianism form; nation comes first  Hitler eventually rose to power democratically & felt they were humiliated by WWI & that Germany wasn’t at fault so didn’t want them to pay a high price  wanted Germany to restore its glory & rule the world  feeded into ongoing anti-Semitism  used the Jewish to get power and then started persecuting them once he had the power  two groups: allies (Britain, France, USA, USSR, Australia, Belgium) & axis powers (Germany, Italy, Japan, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania)  rise of Duplessis in Quebec o Taschereau Liberals  wanted to invest in jobs & build economy up  started offering income support payments in 1932 to people who needed it  always conditions attached & didn’t come in at regular intervals; could only be
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