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Class 21

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Elementary Education
EDEE 280
Paul Zanazanian

Class 21: Quebec Awakens: The Quiet Revolution  understanding the quiet revolution o causes  seek welfare state  tired of corruption & strict rules by Duplessis  tired of Catholic bodies  wanted turn to secular society  wanted to improve the socioeconomic conditions of French Canadians o main features  infant mortality down, birth rates up  young population  not many opportunities  had idea they still couldn’t access big, good jobs  background context o Jean Lesage (1912-1980) & Liberals  political program: The Welfare State  modernized out-dated labour laws  strengthened women’s rights  strengthened social programs  modernized civil service  but 3 main points to political platform: o revitalized national life  French life comes first o promised democratic & political transparency o wanted to improve economics  how do you bring in a welfare state? make changes in social & healthcare states  promised a change in lifestyle & mentality, not just in government  Equipe de tonnerre: Rattrapage  wins elections of June 22 1960 o socio-political changes in Quebec  education  Parent Commission (1961-1962) o wanted to create commission to study state of education in Quebec o met & came up with 3 big volumes o this is what Quebec’s education system came out of o 1 idea: creation of ministry of education  managed 20% of the budget
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