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Class 24

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Elementary Education
EDEE 280
Paul Zanazanian

Class 24: Contemporary Quebec: Politics and Society  expressions of “civic” nationalism o defining civic nationalism  nation is a political entity; it is respective of your cultural differences; what binds us together is our common nationalism; membership is voluntary o Enonce de politique en matiere d’immigration et d’integration (1990)  no one stopped any cultural group from growing  notion of a moral contract  idea that all Quebec citizens share a moral contract  open to differences & diversity, but French is the common public language  Francophone institutions are the main place for integrating & socializing new commons  interculturalism is the Quebec version of multiculturalism; it focuses on communicating between the different groups  metaphor for Quebec is a tree, metaphor for Canada is a mosaic o intercultural education o citizenship education  1980 QEP reform  wanted to find a common denominator that would unite everyone  said democracy does this  promotes an understanding and respect  4 main attributes: knowledge, skills values, participation  this is in line with promoting civic nationalism o history teaching  expressions of “ethnic” nationalism o as differences started increasing, fear did as well o defining ethnic nationalism  ethnocentric protectionism; key elements aren’t civic aspects that bind us together, but rather common ancestry, common experiences, etc.; promote a static, enti
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