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ENGL 200 Lecture 22 - Paradise Lost Part II and III.docx

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English (Arts)
ENGL 200
Wes Folkerth

Paradise Lost Book 2 and 3 Page 1850 Lines 1-5 High on a Throne of Royal State, which far Outshon the wealth of Ormus and of Ind, Or where the gorgeous East with richest hand Showrs on her Kings Barbaric Pearl and Gold, Satan exalted sat, by merit rais'd [ 5 ] To that bad eminence Book 2 opens with a bit of tortured logic We are taken to the council in pandemonium, where the devils are going to decide what the next course of action will be. The image we get here is Satan as the prince of hell Then he starts to address the assembly and tell them what is going on Page 1850 Lines 11-35 Powers and Dominions, Deities of Heav'n, For since no deep within her gulf can hold Immortal vigor, though opprest and fall'n, I give not Heav'n for lost. From this descent Celestial vertues rising, will appear [ 15 ] More glorious and more dread then from no fall, And trust themselves to fear no second fate: Mee though just right, and the fixt Laws of Heav'n Did first create your Leader, next free choice, With what besides, in Counsel or in Fight, [ 20 ] Hath bin achievd of merit, yet this loss Thus farr at least recover'd, hath much more Establisht in a safe unenvied Throne Yielded with full consent. The happier state In Heav'n, which follows dignity, might draw [ 25 ] Envy from each inferior; but who here Will envy whom the highest place exposes Formost to stand against the Thunderers aim Your bulwark, and condemns to greatest share Of endless pain? Where there is then no good [ 30 ] For which to strive, no strife can grow up there From Faction; for none sure will claim in Hell Precedence, none, whose portion is so small Of present pain, that with ambitious mind Will covet more. What he is saying is that this is Satan version of the fortune of fall he says that we are fortunate in the absence of good which they have lost, there will be no strife here, that I, who sits on this throne, am the closest to danger to you Twisted logic: We are all equal here, but here I sit here on the throne, with bad eminence therefore, he is not being straight we everybody, therefore he is being false with everybody (patently false). They are all going to figure out what to do next Moloch is the first to speak, and he has a long discourse on page 1851 o He is the fighter, and he wants to challenge God again o He would rather not exist than be somebody who was defeated therefore, in glory, we either triumph or lose. We have nothing to lose. Next is Belial, who is very much like Satan, who has a deceitful rhetoric style, described below by Milton: Page 1852 Lines 109-118 Belial, in act more graceful and humane; A fairer person lost not Heav'n; he seemd [ 110 ] For dignity compos'd and high exploit: But all was false and hollow; though his Tongue Dropt Manna, and could make the worse appear The better reason, to perplex and dash Maturest Counsels: for his thoughts were low; [ 115 ] To vice industrious, but to Nobler deeds Timorous and slothful: yet he pleas'd the ear, And with perswasive accent thus began. Belials council idea is not to fight heaven again this would be a very bad idea (disagrees with Moloch). The only way that it will end is with someone worse for us. This council has better things than moments ago when they were in a burning lake; now in Pandemonium, let us wait to see how things go Therefore, he is exercising patience and calm Next, we have Mammon speaking (close to Miltons own voice in some ways) on Page 1854, who is the god of money/Wall Street o He says that there is no way we could win (it will all be in vain) o Even if we were to go back into heaven, we would never be able to worship god anymore anyway (because of the shame, and it will always be there with us and we cannot outlive that) o Therefore, he suggests that they should make a heaven out of hell, literally, and basically make an Earth (or approximate an Earth) here since there is a lot of ore here, and we can make a lot of monuments Page 1856 Lines 290-295 Such applause was heard [ 290 ] As Mammon ended, and his Sentence pleas'd,Advising peace: for such another Field They dreaded worse then Hell: so much the fear Of Thunder and the Sword of Michael Wrought still within them; The idea is that Milton is giving us a quite dramatic situation after the poem starts as a plague that he is writing, and the others are applauding what Mammon is doing, but not because they think its a great idea, but that they are so afraid of going back to heaven and so they support him And this takes the ground out of the fact that these guys are glorified revolutionaries they dont have this kind of spirit within them The final devil takes Satans idea, and he is Beelzebub, his right-hand man, and his idea is that we cannot go against heaven, but let us prevent this being that is going into existence (mankind), and what you get here is the motivation for spite or the great creator. o There is nothing great about what this council wants to do, it is just spite that motivates them o This
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