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Lecture 19

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English (Arts)
ENGL 200
Wes Folkerth

Holy Poems Page 1267 The Canonization For God's sake hold your tongue, and let me love; Or chide my palsy, or my gout; My five gray hairs, or ruin'd fortune flout; With wealth your state, your mind with arts improve; Take you a course, get you a plac1, Observe his Honor, or his Grace; Or the king's real, or his stamp'd face Contemplate; what you will, approve, So you will let me love. Alas! alas! Who’s injured by my love? What merchant's ships have my sighs drown'd? Who says my tears have overflow'd his ground? When did my colds a forward spring remove? When did the heats which my veins fill Add one more to the plaguy bill? Soldiers find wars, and lawyers find out still Litigious men, which quarrels move, Though she and I do love. Call's what you will, we are made such by love; Call her one, me another fly, We're tapers too, and at our own cost die, And we in us find th' eagle and the dove. The phoenix riddle hath more wit By us; we two being one, are it; So, to one neutral thing both sexes fit. We die and rise the same, and prove Mysterious by this love. We can die by it, if not live by love, And if unfit for tomb or hearse Our legend be, it will be fit for verse ; And if no piece of chronicle we prove, We'll build in sonnets pretty rooms ; As well a well-wrought urn becomes The greatest ashes, as half-acre tombs, And by these hymns, all shall approve Us canonized for love; And thus invoke us, "You, whom reverend love Made one another's hermitage; You, to whom love was peace, that now is rage; Who did the whole world's soul contract, and drove Into the glasses of your eyes; (So made such mirrors, and such spies, That they did all to you epitomize) Countries, towns, courts: Beg from above A pattern of your love!  You get a sense of love as a kind of religion here  Who is the addressee? He is talking to all of the guys in the coterie.  He us saying that although he really screwed up his professional life, he is doing okay  He characterizes this as a holy retreat from the world, and that nothing in the world has changed because to him, and the world of social and political competition is just so tough and stressful the way it starts off  He is telling his friends to concern themselves with all the stuff that they are supposed to be concerned with (the king, court)  This is a witty recreation of this social and private state, and at the same time is one way of keeping in touch with his friends who are still actively involved in the politics in London  He has retreated from that world  He reasserts his own worth by compensating by his social inferior position with the intellectual and rhetorical mastery that he has, and he shows it through this poem Page 1299 Good Friday, 1613, Riding Westward Let man's soul be a sphere, and then, in this, Th' intelligence that moves, devotion is; And as the other spheres, by being grown Subject to foreign motion, lose their own, And being by others hurried every day, Scarce in a year their natural form obey; Pleasure or business, so, our souls admit For their first mover, and are whirl'd by it. Hence is't, that I am carried towards the west, This day, when my soul's form bends to the East. There I should see a Sun by rising set, And by that setting endless day beget. But that
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