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Lecture 3

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English (Arts)
ENGL 225
Peter Gibian

Lecture 3 Self-irony of the 18 century even at the precipice of great changes to the political system. A mobile society where stagnation is unwanted, BF wanted change, fluidity, “fish and guests stink after 3 days”, “familiarity breeds contempt”, “we’ll all hang together, or we’ll all hang”. Solidarity, united front against a common foe. Refuse absolutism, always a way to compromise, “politics as an art of the possible”. Take a step back while taking two forward. Non-aligned, disinterested, make no pre-determined positions, allows for flexibility in the end. Diplomacy as a seduction technique, fooled the French into helping. Be modest, present own idea as borrowed from another. “man of credit”, not in it for himself, trying to find the best argument. Good image management skills. BF presents an image of “every-man”, forming a roadmap for anyone who wishes to follow his path. th From a family book to his son, to a book to the new found nation. 18 century coffee a place for consp
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