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Lecture 4

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English (Arts)
ENGL 225
Peter Gibian

Lecture 4 Rise of a new public medium, a creation of a new public, new realm of public opinion. Giving the people a voice to present themselves. To articulate is a way of building self. Also a multivoiced debate, no longer a single opinion dominating the conversation. Diffusion of power. To become a public self, one has to allow for some space for compromise. To take a step back to bring everyone else to come closer by two steps. To Ben Frank, consistency was not necessary, pragmatism against dogma. Tried to avoid fighting or war in a public in favour of a peaceful compromise. An ideology of having no ideology. Religion is silly, but it’s too important to some idiots for them to give up. Have to compromise, a mobile character, a fluid personality. “free and easy” club of people who are willing to take in all info, without a set ideas. Tradition shouldn’t be overvalued, should be constantly questioned to see if better ways are possible, to improve, to not get tied down. Chart of Virtues is i
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