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Lecture 6

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English (Arts)
ENGL 225
Peter Gibian

Lecture 6 Landscape story, where the atmosphere of the environment sets the general tone of the story. Less rational than Franklin’s and far less public/productive. Doesn’t do anything useful for anyone/anything. Rip is not a conventional man for his time, doesn’t do his share of the job for the family, doesn’t provide food or money for the family, but hates ‘petticoat government’. Goes into nature to hunt, not as an adventurous frontiersman, but rather as more of a tourist to see in the landscape. Rip is not a civilizer, he moves away from the town into the forest to bring some of the landscape back with him. “if you don’t use it you lose it” with his “gun”. Boyish, emotionally underdeveloped, not yet able to grow fully into a man, from a young child to an old man (old age regression). All of it trying to get away from the annoying wife. Feminist bullshit about how women are “blamed”. Though still useful to displace stereotypical views of the genders, shows that not all women are bound to domestic life and are capable of living outside of the home. The bitch never shuts up, and even the dog’s afraid. The only tool tha
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