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Lecture 12

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English (Arts)
ENGL 226
Kait Pinder

Lecture 12: Modernist Prose Continued Exam Breakdown • out of 190 • not designed to be impossibly difficult • supposed to show your cohesion of the whole course, how it all fits together • Part 1: Lecture Material ◦ out of 20 ◦ answer 10 of 11 questions ◦ i.e. What is the name of the fictional county and the real county it is based on in Faulkner? • Part 2: Identification ◦ answer 10 of 12 quotations/passages • Part 3: Explanation/Analysis ◦ choose 2 passages (one prose, one poetry) and analyse ◦ one paragraph on each ◦ 50 marks (25 each) • Part 4: Essay ◦ 100 marks ◦ no choice in question, but choice of any 3 texts (except those in Part 3) ◦ think themes! What Happens in As I Lay Dying? • quest to bury Addie Bundren in Jefferson with "her people" • poor, farming family • big event to go to town, for the rarely go • Addie raised in town, has no living family when she meets her husband • in requesting she be buried with her people, it is a sort of revenge quest that separates Addie from Anse ◦ and yet, not really revenge, for everyone wants to go to town anyway • this novel is essentially a burial procession • the way a family deals with the death of a matriarch • ulterior motives ◦ Anse: needs new teeth and a new wife ◦ Dewey Dell: needs an abortion ◦ Vardaman: wants a train set ◦ Cash: wants a gramophone • only Darl and Jewel do not have easily identifiable ulterior motives ◦ constantly placed in tension with each other ◦ Darl is the seer, Jewel is the man of action • impediments ◦ bridge is out ◦ almost lose the coffin trying to cross ◦ Cash breaks his leg ◦ body begins to rot and call attention to strange family and quest ◦ Anse refuses to bury the body or to call ahead for a holdup in the cemetery ◦ Darl sets fire to barn where the coffin is ◦ Jewel, who saved the body from the river, saves it from the barn too • in Jefferson ◦ Cash's leg is treated ◦ Dewey Dell tries to get an abortion, gets raped ◦ Darl is committed to an insane asylum ◦ Anse gets new teeth and a new wife ◦ we do not witness Addie's burial How is the story told? • narrative style • 59 chapters with 15 narrators • each chapter is part inner monologue and part first-person narration of events • a Cubist novel (multiple perspectives) ◦ Picasso's Les Desmoisselles D'Avignon ◦ shape what is happening in the world ◦ parts of the story told by many people ◦ refracted image ◦ insight on what they are thinking, how they understand the situation • dialect of the characters help us identify their voices and prospectives • p.752 how they got across the river ◦ differing accounts of how it happened • p.699 Darl saying "Chuck chuck chuck" ◦ Faulkner gives us the sound of Cash working ◦ they way the author arranges the words on the page gives a finer sense of onomatopoeia ◦ narrative interpretation of the sound signals a difference between Darl and Cora ▪ interrupts Darl, yet it is just background noise to Cora, not important • Cash is calculating and mathematical in his thinking, yet inarticulate • multivocality • modernist temporality • visual appearance of the words on the page • Darl as the primary narrator (19 chapters) ◦ the most eloquent ◦ gives us a fairly clear vision of what is going on around him ◦ interpreting his family in his narration ◦ the number of his chapters+eloquence+ability to see and understand characterize him as an artist figure ▪ he's a wallflower, seeing the world around him through words ◦ his perspective is privileged, for we get more of it than any others • Addie and Jewel narrate only o
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