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Lecture 4

Lecture 4- The Wild Duck (3)

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ENGL 314
Sean Carney

poor dramaturge to move from the location in scene one to just being at Hjalmar’s place for the last 2 parts scene changes take a while, so there must be a very good reason he thought we needed to be at that place first and see these people that we won’t see again later in the play the characters are simple, greedy, plain, gluttonous, self-satisfied, low-aspirations not to be admired, but looked down upon everything that Greggers loathes in the world Act 5, character Relling has some very critical things to say about Hjalmar says his problem in life is that people have always called him special Greggers responds that he is special What is at stake with saying a particular individual is special? serves as an important foil a kind of resentment on Relling’s part towards Hjalmar as a person that people find attractive and idealize calls it a life lie, the idea that he is special everyone needs some kind of self-deception just to live need to believe in ideals just beyond our grasp Ibsen insisted Hjalmar’s character should not be played for laughs needs to be thought of as someone who is always being sincere, even when he is being silly or self-deceiving an honest egoist always believes what he is saying guy called demonic, so he uses that as an excuse to drink a lot Relling actually has no clue what demonic means, just called him that so he would be able to function hard to maintain sympathy for Hjalmar when he just parrots what people tell him seen when he talks about wine later, having known nothing previously looks like a fool, a puppet wants to save face, but really wants to stay with his family cares because he feels like Hedvig’s life as been a lie Hedvig is only 14 but she is tall for her age Ibsen is doing very pragmatic dramaturgy could cast an older actor young woman acting like a child maturing early for her age, but in a state of arrested mental development an
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