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Lecture 8

Lecture 8- Three Sisters (2)

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English (Arts)
ENGL 314
Sean Carney

eventually no one believes the promises they will return to Moscowthis aspiration on their part is just to avoid their current realityseen as a gloomy play not necessarily a villain in this play Natasha not necessarily the evil onethey are very odd in terms of their social class not technically aristocrats but must come off as such seem better than their neighbours aristocratic links to military backgrounduppermiddle class people with land but no real money or prospects down at the heels uppermiddle class living in the country squires gone to seadeluded idealists maybeChekov encourages us to think for ourselves about the characters not take them at face valueNatasha appears to be the active character doing things seeking out what she wants for her future instead of pining for it Natasha comes in and out of the story because she has shit to doone fallacy of criticizing her is that she isnt the only one in the play having an affair yet because we have more time with the mains we are less critical of them than herprocess of gradual disillusionment loss of ideals and dreams by the main charactersthink Andre who wants to be a famous professor and move away yet by Act II this is all gone he once hoped for this but has taken to gambling debt and a crumbling marriage seems to come to some realization or understanding of himself a selfinsightAct III he is somewhat oblivious to the world boasts about being elected to the local council but early on he had loathed this ideatries to assert to his sisters that he really is happy and knows himself that he is happy with this but he cant sustain this breaks down and admits he is absolutely and totally miserable capitulating to realityis there really human progress and history or is there just a successive number of eventshis vision of the role of the artist explains writer should be as objective as the chemist p460 nothing unclean to a chemist everything is worthy of attention must pose problems
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