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Lecture 7

Lecture 7- Three Sisters (1)

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English (Arts)
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ENGL 314
Sean Carney

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Sunitas office hoursFriday Jan 24th 200415Office B Arts BasementGreggers trying to right wrongs Duck Hummel wants to clear the air and right wrongs Sonatathink in terms of comparisons first some take Sisters as an expression of what Chekov thought of Russian lifetoo easy a take on the playdont submit to temptation to grab the easy messageall the authors are responding to dominant theatrical trends of the 19thCChekov was a doctor short story writer and playwrightborn in 1860 in a small Western towndied at age 44 after TBlearned intimately about rural Russiavery far from the great metropolitan centres Russia was playing catch up with the rest of the world would have been born as a serf but his grandpa scraped together enough money to buy them out of serfdom empire ruled by a tsar monarchmodern ideas and social change very socially and class conscious society vast economic disparitycontradictions of this society were very extreme was critical about the place that he grew uppeople had little more purpose than eating drinking and reproducing he wanted something moreChekov presents to us a historical problem a troublesome time in Russian historyarises from pol eco and soc changes taking pla
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