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Lecture 5

Lecture 5- The Ghost Sonata (1)

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English (Arts)
ENGL 314
Sean Carney

mysoginist playwright took a sharp aboutface from naturalism to dreamlike surreal fantastic piece of writing very bazar and far from realismrestlessness desire to constantly innovate and reimagine what you can do in the theatre fundamental disharmony and conflict for human beings as a metaphysical truthincreasing complexity of human characteradding a multiplicity of motives to render their motives ambiguous very acquainted with Ibsens work who took a long time to write plays hated IbsenStringberg wrote plays very fast and always very interesting playswarts and all playwright because there was sometimes an ugliness to his works and outputlots of anger and frustration in his workthe characters jump back and forth not responding directly to the things being said to themdeliberately donenot interested in the quotidian everyday aspects of peoples liveswants the moments of extremity when people fall of the rails their lives crumbledont speak at these times in measured relaxed rational waylikes the uncontrollableness of the dialogue characters made as scraps from the world around themspeak from bits of newspapers lines from culturemade up of their environment a kind of determinism where we are the products of our surroundingsidea of aristocracy that some people are more equal than others with men being the natural aristocratsgreat clo
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