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Milton 4

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English (Arts)
ENGL 316
Maggie Kilgour

Sept 12 - Ekphrasis - subject of death: Milton copies other authors - he thinks of his symbolic death as an author (what if he isn't a great writer?) - Damon's epitaph (how the world has changed, the way that the death of other people affects us, shatters our life, changes the way that we see the world) - the world is no longer idyllic, it is now an overgrown jungle (my once cared for fields are now overgrown) - people are horrible, and he'll never find another friend like Diodati - it makes it near impossible for him to go on as a writer (the shepherd could no longer "Carry a serious tune" on his pipes) - this is typical of Milton: he'll reach an extreme lowness and then fill the emptiness of the world - Ekphrasis = ode on a Grecian urn - phoenix = resurrection = child of the sun - claims that Damon is not dead, but he lives on in Heaven - Thyrsis (wand of Baccus) = phallic image (same name as the narrator) - cycle of repetition - before-world - get up with the sun and go to bed with the sun: they're in sync with the nature - why wasn't the death stopped? why do bad things happen to good people? - since it's in a pagan world, the pagan
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