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ENGL 316
Maggie Kilgour

Sept 15 - clergy doesn't serve to nourish the soul - wind: they don't have poetic breath - why isn't something clear? is the writer trying to convey something with a lack of clarity? - it looks like the good has been defeated and the bad shepherds live on, but there will be a judgment day, and these bad people will get their comeuppance - poets are associated with reason - old testament prophets are not clear, they're very ambiguous and murky - throw flowers on the coffin of a poet: poetry =~ poesie - if you throw flowers on a dead poet's body, you're symbolizing that his art is going to live on - Lycidus' body isn't actually there - he sunk to the bottom as if to prepare to rise up to the surface - at this point, it flips from mourning and a sense of loss to a sense of consolation and the gains that have happened through this loss - inversion of the beginning of the poem, where it begins again - death is now a new beginning - since Lycidus is conquered by water, and Christ can walk on it; Christ can tame the water that kills Lycidus - a divine spirit moving over the water is the image of divine creativity - when Christ walks on the water in the NT,
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