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Milton 7

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Maggie Kilgour

Sept 20 - Allegro = light, morning/day, mirth, carefree/liberty, dreamlike, comedies/fairy tales, contemporary, present, unreflective, natural, open/unrestrained, company - Penseroso = dark, night, melancholy, careful, reality, tragedy, ancient, past, self-conscious, supernatural/artificial, covered/restrained, you can get lost, solitude - Orpheus is dead by the end of the poem - 102: wants to find immortality - Penseroso picks out the happy part of the story of Orpheus, where we think that he will succeed, leaving us to think of the poem at that stage - we think of these two poems as something between which Milton must choose (they both end with an implication of choice) - Il Penseroso is longer, suggesting that because Il Penseroso is naturally more pensive, there's more that he wants to say - trying to go beyond the limits of metrical pattern - 154 monosyllables, foot = pun on poetic feet - innocence vs. experience: we grow up whilst reading through these two poems Prolusion 6 - he makes it out that he doesn't want to argue this thing: it's paradoxical (praise mirth in a serious style) - wit and seriousness are not opposites (you must first learn to behave seriously before you can be funny) - this kind of inverts the order that he gave us with Penseroso and allegro - Milton wants to show that he can be "one of the boys," because he gets insulted and called a girl - universities are conservative. they tended to internalize and reproduce authority - he was the lady, but by speaking at the university, he becomes the father - he was seen as an inferior (not manly enough), but by telling fart jokes, me makes themselves their peer. then he becomes their father, and is thus their superior - this is Milton showing that the position of inferiority that he occupied was instrumental in his growth to a po
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