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Milton 13

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English (Arts)
ENGL 316
Maggie Kilgour

Oct 13 - Milton is addressing Hell: it's kind of a monarchy that allows for a parliamentary form of debate - a rather schematic debate: begins with Moloch who wants to get back in to Heaven. followed by Guilioch (who wants to stay down low) -> they're set up as an antithesis. This is Milton drawing on his skills with the prolusions - then we pass to Mammon - he's the miner, who begins the building of pandemonium - even in heaven, his eyes were cast downward. he values material things, not spiritual things - he seems, in this way like Deliom, and his argument continues Deliom's - Mammon thinks that they shouldn't fight either. he doesn't want to get back to heaven; he makes it out to be a kind of awful place - line 239: with what eyes could we stand in his presence... our servile offerings" - for him, Heaven is a place of slavery. it`s also a place of being low. God has made a new world, they want to corrupt it, either destroying it themselves, which would be awesome, or pissing off God so much that he destroys it himself, which would be even be
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