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ENGL 316
Maggie Kilgour

Oct 20 - not necessarily a theological doctrine - why does Milton believe in the trinity? (the son as inferior to the father?) - We see God the Father in relationship to his Son - this dialogue will make us think of what's transpired in Hell - God's speech is much more straightforward than Satan's - he reveals a lot of plot, but it's okay since we know it anyways - if the fall is all God's doing, then Adam and Eve are puppets. while Milton blames Adam and Eve, he gives them a kind of dignity - Milton avoids the problem of automatons (line ~95) by having God bring up the fall: he knows that it's going to happen, but he says that it wasn't his idea - God says that it's totally up to Adam and Eve, even though he knows what they're going to do - does it not kind of seem like God's shifting the blame? - while He won't forgive the fallen angels, he will forgive the humans - Christ's function is kind of to mediate God to us - it seems as if he's trying to make God seem more kind to us - Sin builds on satan's words so that it gives her more power - this is an important parallel to keep in mind - Christ sets it up so that he's going to just have God going " yeah, that's right" - Obviously the one problem with having a conversation with God is that
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