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Milton 16

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Maggie Kilgour

Oct 22 - the beginning of book 3 is an invocation, but it's much more abstract: he calls down a heavenly light, rather than a woman - Milton has been blind for a long time - he's never even seen his second wife - this is worth thinking about when pondering his description of Eve - book 2 ends in Hell, and book 3 begins in Heaven. this incredible shift from Chaos to Heaven is very quick - there are a lot of parallels between this talk of Heaven and the actuality of what Satan is living. the narrator sounds a lot like him. - this is like a cutscene in film - normally in epic, there's at least a transitional preposition. - this immediate switching invites a close comparison between Heaven and Hell, the narrator and Satan, etc. - this creates a lot of problems, because we start seeing God and the Son and Heaven in light of Satan - at each book, imagine the screenshot that you'd be getting - may I express the unblamed - 10 commandments: don't make a false image of me: Milton may have thought that images of God were bad, as did a lot of Puritans - however, he's a poet, so it's strange that he would condemn images as false - Milton wrote a defense of the regicide, which people claimed was
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