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English (Arts)
ENGL 316
Maggie Kilgour

Nov 1 - disjunction between Adam and Eve: they're equal, then they're not equal - Adam = rules, orders and facts. he relays information - Eve = different: more poetic, less useful - eve asks about the stars. in book 8, adam asks raphael the same question. this hints that they're not all that different. it's funny that adam answers her question, and then has to ask raphael. clearly he was just bullshitting - virgin mary is impregnated through her ear (theoretically) ; impregnated by the word ; Satan's talking to her and trying to impregnate her with the word of evil - Adam wakes up first, and he looks flawless - Eve wakes, and her hair's messy and her face is flushed: has she been aroused? - Eve tells of her dream, where she was following Adam and he told her that the stars come out at night to look at Eve - Satan assumes that she's self-centred. telling her this appeals to her vanity - Satan argues that by eating from the tree, she'll be doing something good, something more like God - he twists around the conversations that Adam and Eve had - she feels like she has to eat the fruit, but we never find out if she does. it's implied that she does, but never stated explicitly - afterwards, she's up there, and feels fabulous, and then all of the sudden,
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