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English (Arts)
ENGL 316
Maggie Kilgour

Nov 3 - Sequence of events (according to Milton) God: creation/begetting of the Son -> creation of angels -> fall of rebel angels -> creation of world/Adam and Eve -> fall of Adam and Eve -> history -> incarnation -> second coming - Sequence of narrative angels fallen in Hell -> Heaven -> Paradise, creation of Adam and Eve -> flashback to war in Heaven -> creation of the world -> creation of Adam -> fall -> consequences of the fall - Adam and Eve are allowed to eat in their classroom (back to the comparison of eating and learning) : Ideal Platonic Classroom - they're learning how to bound things, and how knowledge itself impedes that - Raphael isn't coy about talking about angelic body functions, which is strange, for an angel - angels also eat - you have to make a claim that what you don't know and what you do know have something in common - Raph seems to be trying to make a point that angels are like humans, though he doesn't specify exactly how similar they are - relationship between higher and lower; spiritual and material - 415 : everything needs to eat. the grosser feeds the purer - milton's chain of being is not typical. usually, it's that you have your place and cannot change it - milton says that it's like a food chain, in that everything feeds each other - things are in their place, but they are not static. things can move up or down; things are growing - Raph says that they could become all sprit like angels, eventually - he suggests things that are contradictory: God has placed them there because they are to grow beyond the walls, but they're also not allowed to leave them, they must stay in their place, they can only grow beyond the walls once they accept them - but how will they know when they're ready? - Adam interprets this
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