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Maggie Kilgour

Nov 15 - Milton goes to a lot of effort to set up the differences in Adam and Eve - one of the most obvious ways that he does this is by splitting up their stories - he wants to ensure that we know that they are not the same character - differentiating the two falls: Genesis book 3, v 6(ish) - in Genesis, Adam and Eve eat of the fruit in the same verse: the moment that Eve takes of the tree, it's in Adam's mouth as well - this is as if Eve's and Adam's fall are both part of a single action - Milton's falls are much more drawn out - he's trying to create some kind of suspense in a story where there really isn't any - Eve's fall in particular takes a long time - she spends a lot of time at the last minute thinking about what the serpent has done and trying to reason through it - though it is based on a false premise, what he says it completely reasonable - very slow build up to when she grabs the fruit - she plucks the fruit and eats it in two different motions: even at the moment she picks it, it's not sure that she will eat it - as soon as she eats it, she begins to exhibit different personality traits: especially her feelings of superiority to Heaven - God is very distant, she realizes - this kind of leads in to her relationship with Adam: she it devoted to him, and feels that she loves serving him and looking up to him - now, she feels superior - being down below Adam and God is not fun anymore - she has to decide whether to tell him or not - if she does not, she will maintain superiority - she decides to tell him because she's worried that she will die and he will replace her - she's sharing death with him, while Christ deigns
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