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ENGL 316
Maggie Kilgour

Nov 17 - are there any other possibilities? - in genesis it would seem no, but in this it is possible - Abdiel is decieved, and he falls but is able to return - Adam and Eve know about a story in which someone falls and turns back, so it's possible that Eve's fall could have been fixed - though Eve's fall happens instantaneously, when she bites the fruit - Adam kind of slides in to it - it seems like all is lost, but perhaps it wasn't - when Eve eats, it's stated outright that all is lost - then as soon as Adam eats, the fall is actually complete. this means that though all was lost, it wasn't beyone regaining it - now the universe becomes fixed; the sun and the moon become set in their roles, the seasons come - climate extremes are now there as well - Sin and Death build a bridge linking Hell and Earth - everything starts solidifying and fixing and freezing in book ten, now that they've fallen - rigor mortis analogy: dead things don't grow and develop - it used to be that the world was not mappable. - deadly predictability that inhibits f
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