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ENGL 316
Maggie Kilgour

Nov 22bridge built by sin and deathbroadest consequences of the fall the world used to be changing but now it has become fixedAdam notices that something else in the sky has changedthus began outrage from liveless thingsdevoured each otherthings become fixed in agression theres civil warthe war in Heaven has become the standard for all thingsthis is terrible because its not just difference that breeds war its similaritycivil war in England tooultimately leads to selfdestructionseeing Cain and Abel as the first sinAdam and Eve think of suicide toohiding and covering their bodies seems to be a general response to the fallfear of exposure when Christ appears to them Adam seems to cover himselfAdam blames both God and Evelong winding rhetoric using language to hide and evade responsabilityEve on the other hand takes responsability immediatelyshe doesnt say muchinversion of gender roles in the final few booksits as if Eves role has now been scripted by the authors of the King James Bible and her role is
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