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English (Arts)
ENGL 316
Maggie Kilgour

December 3 - the attention that milton gives to the figure of delilah and the way that he shapes her character as the opposite of samson: female/philistine version - they both want to liberate their people, and neither can keep quiet - from the philistine perspective, samson's the bad one. he's just kind of a thug - this destabilizes our view of the story - delilah says that whatever she says, she'll be discredited because she's a woman, even though she makes valid arguments - where delilah and menoah come to take samson home and look after him, herapha just wants to come and look at him (epitomizes the vulnerability of being blind) - these two antithetical gods of their people, and all they do it just bicker with each other; though samson seems kind of in to a fight, herapha just runs off - the chorus is worried that herapha wants to ask the king to have samson to torture him or whatever - all three visitors want to have him - as he stands there, he is powerlessness - he's dependent upon others, including the chorus - through these dialogues with these three characters (like christ's debate with satan) he begins to recover his sense of self, and he believes that he will be able to preform some final deed to reconfirm his manliness - samson's being transformed from the old h
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