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English (Arts)
ENGL 330
Marc M.Ducusin

ENGL 330 – English Novel 19 Century nd September 22 2011 Depicting her idea of a lady novelist and what a lady novelist is not George Levine  Reveals Eliot’s sensitivity towards condescending attitudes towards lady novelists during that day  Eliot argues that a certain kind of woman that is warranted that response  Sides with the male reviewer, however only towards the women that deserve it Does Eliot reserve a masculine position?  Uses we a lot, as if trying to separate her group of women from the other type  Targets men as well at one point  Makes herself seem higher above  Masculinist if not masculine voice in the piece  Animosity that is peculiar to two members of the same sex o Homo-sociality o Yves Sedric and the use of homo-social not being simply male/male  Sets herself apart from other lady novelists  Allows (p.534) the acknowledgement of elite lady novelists however o Elizabeth Gaskell o Not all women writers that she’s disparaging, only a certain type of women  Talks about classes quite a bit, but doesn’t elaborate on it o Talks more about the species rather than the actual class o Refers to the oracular novelist etc. o Genius with many species  Trope drawn from the scientists  Governing discourse, great deal of authority  Important means to classifying people/controlling people by slotting them into people  Categorization  Gender and genre as a mode of classification Is the thing specifically a Victorian phenomenon or not?  Is there use of scientific classicism (high class/low class; high brow/low brow) Social Darwinism (1859)  These ideas don’t come out of no where  The early example of this idea can be found in this article  Look at all these governing discourses as overlapping and feeding into each other/informing one and another Ironic Tone  Consider it alongside the point that she may be ironizing the class of women writer because she’s forced by the dominant male discourse  Lite
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