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Found Poetry

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English (Arts)
ENGL 345
Nathalie Cooke

G Found Poetry - for a definition of found poetry The Unknown by Hart Seely - Hart Seely simply took a quote from Donald Rumsfeld on the unknown and restructured it - this makes it basically the ideal found poem - not held back by strict structure, (everything varies) and poetic devices are not necessary. - there are different varieties of found poetry. - cento: made from the lines of other poems. Has existed for ages where people were taking inspiration from Virgil and Ovid. - erasure: created by erasing words in a poem - cut up technique: - flarf: random searches on google - spoetry: made from spam email Wolf Cento by Simone Muench - one stanza, 14 lines, each with great variation in terms of stress and stanza - all of the lines here are taken from other poems - compare this to "I google myself" I Google Myself by Mel Nichols - looking at these two shows the diversity of the form. - as technology has progressed, so has found poetry. Elementary Treatise of Mechanics by William Whewell - th
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