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English (Arts)
ENGL 345
Nathalie Cooke

Glosa - A poem composed as an amplification of lines taken from an earlier and better-known poem, although not literally as a gloss in the explanatory sense. This is commonly a quatrain from another poem, and then a poet writes a different poem based on these four lines. These four lines are referred to as cabeza - There is no specific required form, but they sometimes follow AABB. Standard is 10 lines/stnaza, but not all follow that. 6, 9 and 10 are generally rhymed. some glozas repeat the first and last lines of each stanza. - Originated to tribute to the spanish court in particular. - Allows poets to pay homage to influential poets, but also emphasize the independent meanings of the poem. - Sometimes the original context of the poem can be lost. P.K. Page - Autumn - Rhyme scheme other than 6/9/10. There is no repetition. - This is a forced rhyme. There is also half-masculine rhyme. For
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